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Hi-Tech Smart Solutions has opened its branch in the Philippines

July 2021, Manila. HTSS has officially opened its branch in the Philippines. This is an important strategic step for the company. HTSS entered the Philippine market in early 2020, signed an agreement with the largest financial company to implement a Virtual Voice Operator.

"During these one and a half years, we have thoroughly studied the local market, managed to work with various financial companies. And in 2021, we took a decision to open our branch in the country," commented Alina Fedotova, The Head of busines development in SEA region.

The Philippine market is an area of huge opportunities, because here businesses are just beginning to implement new technologies into their business processes.

The world has been moving towards digitalization for a long time, replacing many work processes with various technological solutions. But the pandemic and the lockdown period became a booster for the widespread AI technology implementation. Today, businesses are changing quite a lot - people are increasingly moving into the online format, and customers are demanding value and quality of service. This means that companies will increasingly need to implement new solutions, anticipating customer expectations, providing quality service 24/7. Especially these changes affect the financial sector.

"Companies that serve customers the best will win the day. Therefore, we are ready to offer the financial market our unique solutions that will help the Philippine business to reach a completely new level of customer service while reducing operating costs."

HTSS provides to financial companies in Philippines 2 AI products:

  • Virtual Voice Operator

Best in class technology that allows our clients to increase operational efficiency of their internal call-centers and to decrease costs dramatically. Our Voice Operator is unique and can make sales, collection and reminding calls better than a real operator as it sounds absolutely like a human because all the conversations are prerecorded with a professional speaker. But it is never tired and never gets complaints.

  • Cloud-based solution for verifying online a credit history of potential borrowers.

It helps our clients to save huge amount of money just because they do not issue loans to customers that are already in debt. The cost of the service is much less than the price of conventional credit bureaus, but database is much bigger.

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