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We created an analytical model for assessing the solvency of borrowers derived from an extensive database, which we enrich through a broad partnership network. We do not store personal data on our servers. All data is stored on the servers of our partners. The system automatically sends requests to the databases of our partners. If a match is found, the data is immediately processed on the platform and automatically inserted into the client's file. 



We assist our clients in verification process for approval of loan applications. With the help of extensive partneship network, we can quickly and thouroughly evaluate an applicant based on the previous credit history. We are able to work with a large array of data, enrich them and verify the data that our clients need.

Pay per hit

10 times cheaper than conventional credit bureau

Digital platform is fully automated and works without breaks and weekends

Ultimate guarantee 

of data security 

Adaptable data composition and scoring model

History of loans delinquencies

History of a borrower's payment behavior after the first delay 

Type of credit companies that issued a loan to a borrower (including fintech, lending, telecom and others) 

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