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Why intelligent automation is a must-have for call centers in this challenging time?

Due to the pandemic, many companies faced the problem of how to reorganize their call centers and switch to a remote work. Call center is not just a Department of a couple of employees, it is a large number of people who constantly communicate with customers and use special software tools to work within the setting tasks. In addition, not all employees can work remotely, so the number of calls per operator increases several times.

In these unprecedented times, companies must continue to meet or exceed customer expectations in order to remain competitive.

In this case, the Smart Voice Operator can be an indispensable tool. Through the introduction of artificial intelligence in a call center workforce, you can significantly reduce the workload of operators and improve the quality of service:

- Smart Voice Operator on the inbound line

Automate hotlines by passing the simplest questions to the virtual assistant. The voice operator is configured and trained in such a way that it easily recognizes an incoming question and selects the answer without the operator's participation. The robot synthesizes human speech and is practically indistinguishable from human speech. If the client asks a non-standard question that the robot can't answer, it will definitely connect a human specialist.

- Outbound calls and informing customers

The virtual voice operator is able to make up to 1000 calls per minute, with a response delay of less than 1 second, reducing call center downtime by 45%.

- Integration with CRM, telephony via HTTP API

Automatic responses and recording of information when there is a possible delay in processing the client's request. The robot integrates with all communication channels and keeps in touch by recording information in CRM.

Thus, AI implementation in a call center work is a real must-have for business. Now is the time to think about how to improve and strengthen your call center. We all understand that the crisis will end sooner or later, but right now most companies are starting to learn and use new technological solutions. Virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence are not just a new trend, but an essential tool that will help to support businesses, reduce costs and improve the quality of service.


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