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Hi-Tech Smart Solutions strengthens its position in the Philippines market:

the company signed an agreement with a new major client.

At the end of October 2020, Hi-Tech Smart Solutions signed an agreement with one of the largest companies in the financial market of the Philippines to implement the Virtual Voice Operator technology.

At the beginning of autumn, we launched a pilot project, as a result of which our client decided to implement our AI-technology in its business-processes and expand its use.

The main goal of the pilot was to show the capabilities of the Virtual Voice Operator in several segments (overdue payments, reminders of upcoming payments, informing customers about future promotions) in order to understand and analyze what tasks the robot can solve and how it can improve the client's operational performance.

At the same time, we set the following KPIs:

  • High-quality dialogue performance and formation of customers' loyalty;

  • Reduction of operational indicators;

  • Reduction of peak loads on the call center and time of response latency.

During the pilot, the Virtual Voice Operator has shown very good results:

  • We managed to reduce time of response latency to 1 second, which greatly increased the efficiency of the client's call-center;

  • The client's operating costs decreased by more than 40%;

  • In 90% of cases the robot didn't require human support;

  • In the early delay segment (30+), the robot was more effective than human-operator: according to our statistics, almost 2 times more conversations with debtors ended with subsequent payment of debt;

  • The Robot increased the efficiency of the call-center more than 3 times by quickly calling the client’s base and notifying customers about upcoming payments and promotions.

Virtual Voice Operator is a voice robot that works on the basis of a neural network. The robot was specially developed and improved based on the logic of the debt collection process and working with financial products. Hi-Tech Smart Solutions entered the Philippines market at the beginning of 2020, partnering with one of the leaders in the Philippines' debt collection market. Together with the client, we have tested the robot and its capabilities for debt collection and improved the functionality in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Philippines and the specifics of working with borrowers in the country. Today, Hi-Tech Smart Solutions has contracts with several major financial market representatives. It offers unique digital solutions that can change the approach to customers service and help significantly optimize the resources of financial companies.

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